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Cesar Montano is one of the most celebrated Filipino celebrity, film producer and director. He first appeared in commercials where his showbiz career started. He also appeared in several B movies. Years later, he starred in different action films where he played as the lead role and also in short television series playing the lead role in the sitcom “Kaya ni Mister, Kaya ni Misis”.

Actor Cesar Montano won different awards in the following films: “Panaghoy sa Suba” (The Call of the River), José Rizal, “Muro Ami” (Reef Hunters) and “Bagong Buwan” (New Moon).
Recently, Cesar Montano has been a subject of talks online due to different controversies including a viral video of him with a woman without clothes who was caught on the background, and pictures of him with his alleged youngest daughter.

Let us take a look back to Cesar Montano’s past relationships and love life. Here are some of the women who had relationship with Cesar Montano.

Marilyn Polinga

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Cesar Montano’s first wife is Marilyn Polinga. Unfortunately, due to health complications, Marilyn’s life ended in 1993. They were blessed with 2 children, Angela and Angelo.
Charlene Gonzales

In the 1997 movie, “Kadre”, it was rumoured that the beauty queen-turned-actress, Charlene Gonzales, and action star Cesar Montano had a relationship during their time together in the film. The two denied the rumor.

Teresa Loyzaga
Actress, Teresa Loyzaga, had a relationship with Cesar Montano. Their relationship was blessed with a son name Diego who is now also an actor.

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Sunshine Cruz
Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz’s marriage lasted for 13 years. Their relationship ended last 2013. Only this September 2018, their annulment for their marriage in 2000 was granted. During their 13 year marriage, they were blessed with 3 daughters named, Angeline Isabelle, Samantha Angeline at Angel Francesca.

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Krista Miller
After the split of Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Monatano, rumors spread that the sexy actress Krista Miller was the 3rd party in the relationship of the two which caused their split.

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Sandra Seifert
Rumors also spread about the relationship of Cesar Montano and Miss Philippines Earth 2009 Sandra Seifert because the two were frequently seen in many events together. Rumors also spread that the two had a child.

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Katrina Angeles
Recently, photos of Cesar Montano and his alleged youngest daughter with her rumoured partner Katrina Angeles.

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Sophie Rankin
Model Sophie Rankin was also linked with Cesar Montano which they were rumoured to have a relationship because the two were seen together in many events. Also the current alleged partner of Cesar Montano posted in social media that seems to point out the model.

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Maria Ozawa

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After their film in 2015, Maria Ozawa admitted that she had a “one-night stand” with Cesar Montano. She immediately revoked her statement and said that she was only making a joke about her thing with Cesar.


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