Lara Quigaman Shares Her Toe Curling Painful Breasfeeding Experience

Motherhood is probably the greatest challenge in the life of a woman. It is probably the best of both worlds, as some would say. This is one of the many reasons why mothers are the real superheroes in this super congested world. They bore a child facing the excruciating pain, nourish her kid to become healthy as they also guide their younglings from teenage years to even adulthood.

It’s true that a mother’s love is the most superior and powerful of all. She can face any difficulties without doubts or any other what-ifs for her babies. Motherhood may be challenging but it is still the most rewarding experience for women.

In a recent blog post, actress Lara Quigaman shares her exhilarating experience in breastfeeding her second child. Tobias, her 6-weeks old infant, is her newest challenge. Apparently, she mixed-fed her firstborn, Noah—so exclusively breastfeeding Tobias is a lot harder now.

“My toes would curl from the pain and I would cry while Tobias nursed,” the actress noted in her blog entry. She said that this was more painful than going through an actual childbirth.

Lara went to see a lactation doctor days after this experience. According to the expert, the pain was caused by the clogged milk ducts on her breasts. It wasn’t a sensitive issue, though. With proper latching and massage, breastfeeding became a simple practice for Lara.

The actress shared that in some few nights, she would ask her husband to buy formula milk and give up breastfeeding—luckily, she didn’t insist. Lara highlighted in her blog post that mothers should be well-informed in every step to motherhood including breastfeeding. She also shared some helpful advice based on her experienced to encourage moms. She said that having a support group during hard times will be a great help.

“Don’t suffer in silence,” Lara stated. “Breastfeeding should not be painful.”

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