Charles Kieron and Vivoree Esclito talk about how the love team KierVi was formed.

People simply love pairing celebrities together especially when the two complement each other’s looks and have a pretty solid chemistry. It is not really that big of a deal because there are so many good looking celebrities everywhere and they in reality would look good with just about anyone. It really is the chemistry that sets them apart.

Charles Kieron and Vivoree Esclito are a good example of nice looking people with impeccable chemistry.

Charles Kieron is commonly known as Hahstag CK. His group appears in the noontime variety show called It’s Showtime. In 2017 of Valentine’s day, the show introduced CK along with seven other members as members — additional members– of the all-male dance group called Hashtags. The original group has been put together two years prior to the addition, and in 2015 of November.Vivoree Esclito meanwhile, is a beautiful Filipina actress that we most know for er role in Ipaglaban Mo.

The actress has a distinct morena face with chunky eyebrows that are straight. The two filled the studio of Magandang Buhay with “kilig” as they both guest starred on October 30.

It has already been revealed that CK has been courting Vivoree but we never really got an insight with the specifics and the details of how. In their time in Magandang Buhay, the two allowed us to catch a glimpse with their off screen budding relatonship.

We learned that Hashtag CK calls her Baby girl to tease her because she does not like being called baby girl. “Kasi tinatawag ko kasi siyang baby girl. (Pero) ayaw niyang tinatawag ko siyang ‘baby girl.”

The two are called KierVi together and are really adorable in each other’s arms as well the two went on to talk about just how they met each other. Vivoree said that. “Nag go-see (audition) po kami para sa Araw Gabi. ‘Yun po ‘yung first encounter namin. After that, first time namin magkawork sa Ipaglaban Mo pero hindi as love team.”

CK in return was happy to talk about how their name came to be. “Nagstart pong ipagpair yung pangalan namin sa tweet po nung RSB unit na si Kuya Pher. Akala po ng fans na love team kami doon sa Ipaglaban (Mo), pero hindi (pa) po.” Said the Hashtag member.

““After po ng Ipaglaban Mo, nag-Since I Found You kami. Noong naghanap po sila kung sino yung ipe-pair sa akin, nahanap nila si CK,” said Vivoree about how their love team came to be.

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