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This Old Man Shocks Passengers When He Started Doing Strange Things

Passenger trains are one of the most common public transportation vehicles that commuters regularly use. This public utility has been a big part of the people who cannot afford to have their own cars. There are people whose budget are allotted only in trains and not in other public transport.

One of the benefits of riding a train is that you will be getting to know or observe strangers or people you don’t know. Because there is a great dynamic inside, you will be curious of the stories of the people riding the same train. As a train movie says, one things that is interesting with the people inside the train is that they do not have anything in common except the fact that they will all be going to a certain place.

And because we don’t have any clue of the story of the people riding inside the train, we often have the tendency to judge and say inappropriate words to them.

Recently, a video filmed inside a train went massively viral because it featured a man doing some strange thing inside the train. The unknown man shocked some passenger when he started licking his shoe. He is not just plainly sticking his tongue onto it but it seemed he is trying to taste his footwear. The video gained different reactions from the netizens.

Because there is not enough information provided regarding the man, many people laughed and mocked him for being a crazy train passenger. They are laughing at him for “cleaning” his shoe with this method.

However, there are people who expressed concern regarding the video. Many of them say that he does not deserved to be mocked or laughed at because it is obvious that he is sick and he needs help. They said that no normal person would ever do that. They even claimed that instead of mocking in laughing at the poor man, they should be praying for him instead.

Watch the video below:

Shine Shoes

Shine Shoes

Posted by Pinoy Rap Radio on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

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