These Ladies Were Caught By Their Mother Twerking

Dance craze has been a part o everyone’s culture. Each country has their own dance craze to be proud of. Because of technology and social media, there is this what we call as cultural divergence wherein culture form one country emerges with another. Or some dance craze simply go viral from one country to another.

The “twerk” dance craze that started in the US. Because of its popularity, many countries adopted this dance move. To do the twerking, one must move like she is throwing her hips back and forth or by shaking her buttocks. This dance craze is not exclusive for women.

There are many versions of this dance craze that went viral on social media. Others were really good at doing this while others must admit they still need to practice. However, there are others that sent everyone laughing just like the viral video below.

In the video below, two ladies were twerking in front of the camera. They are doing everything they could to attract the “viewers”. They were filming themselves as they try to move their hips and shake their bottoms. But then suddenly, their world stopped when an old lady entered the room and started to hit the ladies with her slippers when she saw them doing the dance move. It sent people laughing because the old lady’s entrance is really unexpected!

There are people who shared their sentiments about the video. While others laughed at the ladies, there are others who expressed concern for them. They said that they were hit so hard just for dancing. They also said that there is a great possibility that they will never dance it again.

However, there are people who sided with the old lady and said that she just did the appropriate thing to do. They claimed that the dance was too daring and provocative hence it is just right to give the girls a wake-up slap with a slipper.

Watch the video below:

Twerk ! hahahah

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Posted by Pinoy Rap Radio on Sunday, July 8, 2018

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